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International Coaching Certification with Jorge Coutinho and BeCoach

Last week was intense! I mean really intense!

After a few days on vacation traveling with my son to the beautiful Madeira island and then to Lisbon, it was time to work!

I was a bit surprised with the invitation/challenge to work alongside my Coaching trainer, teacher one of my mentors in Human Development, Jorge Coutinho!

Jorge is a Giant in Personal Development in Portugal! (Give him a follow on Instagram @jorgecoutinho13).

I met Jorge in 2018 and in 2021 I got my International Coaching Certificate with his company.

Now it was time for me to be on the other side of the curtain! First I was ecstatic with the invite; but soon after, the weight of the responsibilities began to grow and all my am I good enough fears grew with it!

As everyone, I also have the same fears of not being good enough and all those that come with it!

I chose to embrace them and be grateful for this opportunity to serve others and as fast the fears came, they went away peacefully. I knew this was my path.

It was one of the most intense weeks I've ever had professionally! My job was to help all the online trainees for more than 100 hours! In a week!!

Keeping focused and mentally strong so I could serve as their coach/trainer made me feel so fulfilled! I could relate to so many stories, so many thoughts, emotions and day to day life situations...

This photo was taken on the last day. I'm one of the people online smiling with the feeling of job well done! Mission accomplished!

I wish them all a legendary endeavors in their lives!

I will remember this week forever!

Maybe later I'll write a few more posts about this week with some important insights

With gratitude,


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