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The Visionary Box

Today is the day that I can finally say that the Visionary Box is here!

It's been a wonderful journey dreaming, visualizing, designing, developing and creating this amazing tool of human development!

I'm beyond thrilled with having the Inspiration Box in my hands and feeling the touch of the carefully chosen paper, the black silk lace keeping the 100 Inspiration cards together and the softness of the wood box with the laser engraved letters.

When I first imagined this I could see every detail and now I get to touch it, feel it and hold it and I just can't take the smile of my face, feeling proud and with the sense of "Well done!" in my mind.

Now it's time to prepare the shipments to our loved costumers and I cannot wait to hear from everyone when they receive their Inspiration Box at home!

If you haven't already ordered it, go on our online shop and get your Inspiration Box today!

With love,


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